CII’s Pre Budget Recommendations

24 Jan 2023 The Finance Minister Ms Nirmala Sitharaman will be presenting her fifth Union Budget on 1st February. She has displayed a keen understanding of the macroeconomic backdrop, crafting her Budgets in line with the requirements of the economy. In particular, her mini-Budgets announced during the pandemic have been important fiscal instruments that have […]

Budget Displays a Vision to Sustain Growth Amid Global Uncertainties

07 Feb 2023 The Union Budget 2023-24 was presented at a time when domestic growth drivers were reviving while global uncertainty continued to be high. At such a juncture, the Budget was expected to articulate a growth strategy, which it did. The finance minister focused on driving up public capital expenditure (capex) and prudent fiscal […]

Financial Inclusion for Economic Empowerment

19 Sep 2023 Financial Inclusion plays a pivotal role in fostering Economic Empowerment, creating a symbiotic relationship. Innovative financial products, such as cash-flow-based lending rather than traditional collateral-based lending, can greatly expand access to capital for underserved segments like Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), women, and farmers. Financial offerings that prioritize privacy and control […]

Enabling Insurance for All

23 Feb 2023 India’s overall insurance penetration stood at 4.2 per cent in FY21, with life at 3.2 per cent and non-life at 1.0 per cent against a global average penetration of 7.4 per cent, with life at 3.3 per cent and non-life at 4.1 per cent. In terms of insurance density, India stood at USD 78 […]

Economy 2022-23 and Outlook for 2023-24

22 Mar 2023 In a world that is more interconnected than ever before, all countries are getting impacted by what’s happening in other countries. The uncertainty caused by the evolving global scenario is weighing heavily on the outlook for economies across the globe. Amidst this, the Indian economy remains a bright spot and has positioned […]

Time for RBI to Pause

05 Apr 2023 The backdrop for the forthcoming monetary policy committee meeting to be held this week has sharply altered since the February meeting owing to financial stability risks emanating from the US banking sector. On the domestic front, the monetary policy normalisation has led to rate hikes of 250 basis points so far and […]

The Rise of Investment in Sustainable Finance

12 Apr 2023 Sustainable finance, also known as responsible finance or green finance, refers to financial activities and investments that are conducted in a manner that promotes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations, while aiming to generate long-term sustainable outcomes. It encompasses a broad range of financial products and services, including investment funds, loans, bonds, […]

Fiscal Deficit: Way Forward

25 Sep 2023 The momentous performance of the Indian economy in recent times has rekindled dreams – and aspirations- of the country emerging as a developed economy in the near future. It is well recognised that to bring this dream to fruition, it is important that the economy continues the high and resilient growth path […]

Truant Monsoon and India’s Growth Prospects

13 Oct 2023 The deficit in rainfall continues as we inch closer the end of the southwest monsoon season, which runs from June to September and provides over 70 per cent of India’s annual rains.  The season is crucial because only 52 per cent of India’s gross sown area is irrigated.  Overall, rains up to […]

Financial Inclusion for Economic Empowerment

30 May 2023 The world economy, which has yet to fully recover from the devastation caused by the pandemic, is once again being confronted with fresh challenges arising from the conflict in Ukraine, disruption of global supply chains, unprecedented global debt, expected global recession, and a lot more.  The impact of the pandemic and the […]