Growth, Livelihood, Globalisation, and Building Trust

02 Aug 2023 India has emerged as the fastest-growing large economy in the world for the third consecutive year and is expected to continue that trajectory with CII projecting a GDP growth rate of around 6.5-6.7% for FY 2023-24. This sustained economic growth will provide much-needed resources and impetus to bridge the developmental gaps, enhance […]

India’s G20 Presidency is a Unique Opportunity for Businesses

23 Aug 2023 The leaders declaration of the G20 Summit held in Bali this month talked about an unparalleled multidimensional crises period that the world is currently experiencing. It pledged to enhance public investments while promoting private investments andstrengthening multilateral trade. Many of its policy actions relating to the global economy, sustainable development and digitalisation […]

Charting a Prosperous Future for Humanity

30 Aug 2023 As the G20 Leaders Summit approaches, the summit meeting of the Business 20 grouping (B20) — the largest of the 11 G20 engagement groups sharing policy ideas — got off to an auspicious start this week. Developed through intensive discussions at nine specific groups over the presidency year, the submissions align with […]

Budget Should Navigate Economy Against Global Challenges

30 Jan 2023 With less than a week to go, the last full Budget of the government has entered the last mile. Budget 2023-24 comes at a time when the global economic environment continues to be troubled. The confluence of global headwinds is triggering fears of an imminent global recession. With US, European Union, and […]

Budget Displays a Vision to Sustain Growth Amid Global Uncertainties

07 Feb 2023 The Union Budget 2023-24 was presented at a time when domestic growth drivers were reviving while global uncertainty continued to be high. At such a juncture, the Budget was expected to articulate a growth strategy, which it did. The finance minister focused on driving up public capital expenditure (capex) and prudent fiscal […]

Business Action is Critical for the G20 to Meet Its Larger Objectives

12 Sep 2023 India’s G20 presidency came at a time when the world economy was beset with new challenges in meeting the sustainable development goals. The G20 Leaders’ Declaration under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s astute navigation represents momentous progress, with the Indian presidency setting new benchmarks for global collaboration under the G20 India theme of […]

Millets Making a Comeback on Global Stage

03 Mar 2023 Millets, also known as ‘Sri Anna’, are making a resurgence in line with the International Year of Millets declared by the United Nations. These grains, some of the oldest in the world, are rich in protein, fiber, minerals, iron, calcium and have a low glycemic index. Their short growing season makes them ideal for multiple […]

Recognising Opportunities for Women-led Development

27 Mar 2023 India is a young society. Adolescents in India are a growing demographic, constituting the demographic dividend that is a great asset for India. This segment of youth has become much better educated than the previous generation of adolescents—a remarkable achievement—especially because it took place with gender parity. These educated girls aspire, they […]

Time for RBI to Pause

05 Apr 2023 The backdrop for the forthcoming monetary policy committee meeting to be held this week has sharply altered since the February meeting owing to financial stability risks emanating from the US banking sector. On the domestic front, the monetary policy normalisation has led to rate hikes of 250 basis points so far and […]